Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Flair systems is pleased to offer help for computer science and information systems students in their graduation projects under our new search project (Flair-to-Students).

Flair Systems - Flair to Students
Form its keen desire to sponsor brilliant students of Computer Science & Information Systems and their graduation projects, Flair Systems is pleased to offer "Flair-To-Students" program which is dedicated for promoting and supporting unique projects and ideas them and helping students to be prepared for a successful IT market.

What is the goal of Flair-To-Students?

Our goal is to prepare productive projects to help our community overcome its problems and offer real preparation to students to enter real market.

What Flair-To-Students offer for students?

Flair –To– Students Program is different from any support program provided by other companies for graduation projects.

The program we offer includes: sponsoring, team management, technical sessions and humanities sessions.

After project completion, your project may be one of Flair systems products with full guarantee for team rights in their project; and its distinguished members will be some of Flair Systems employees.

How You can join us?

Step1: Fill This Template : http://flair-systems.com/f2s/FlairToStuentTemplate.docx , and send it to this mail FlairToStudents@flair-systems.com

Step2: we filter projects to select most brilliant and well-presented ideas to pass to step 3.

Step3: the chosen team will have an interview in Flair Systems Company for more discussion

Step4: we will choose the final list of supported projects to become one of our (Flair-To-student)    projects for this academic year.

Can I ask for More Information?

We always welcome your questions or suggestions on our mail: