Tuesday, April 5, 2011
Flair Systems

Saving the Planet, one solar Dish can power up your normal apartment without AC during the day but through the night we can depend on normal electricity of other way of power production, remember this is 4 Meter Dish, i think it is suitable for villas or farms or beach houses with some space for the Dishes and may be a generator or wind mill at night
Flair Systems

The PowerDish is an innovative solar power generating product that converts the sun's heat into electricity. The PowerDish couples Infinia's patented, low-cost and maintenance-free Stirling engine with a dish-style solar concentrator to create electric grid-ready solar power. It is an automatic, self-contained system ("plug-n-play") that produces clean, AC power without the use of water.

The PowerDish generates more electricity at a lower cost and within a smaller footprint than competing technologies.
How it works : http://thepowerdish.com/technology.html