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Flair Systems

Video Surveillance System consists of Cameras, Displays, cables and other communication equipment as the main parts. And if you looked to the budget of any video surveillance system you will find that displays budget is about 40% from the project that is because it is the most important part and it is the main reason that makes the result of the project good or bad.

Flair Systems

The security study of a project will give us the best choice of the locations that cameras will be installed in and using risk assessments we can put scenarios of risk and how to avoid it using security systems and using video surveillance system.
Flair Systems

There are three periods of time that I can deal with a risk: T1 is the time that we can delay the risk (may be using fence system) T2 is the time that we must monitor the risk and know its position and which guard is the nearest to it (and it will be using a good video surveillance system) and T3 is the time that the guard will deal with this risk (any delay in guard actions that may be a result to a bad performance of the video surveillance system may result to useless security system)

Flair Systems

The good performance that you can take from the video surveillance system will depend basically on the good performance of the displaying system as well as the good performance of the used cameras.

You don't want a picture with lines on it or with bad colors. You need a clear picture with clear colors.

Flair Systems

Another important thing for good performance of the security system is not to put more than 10 cameras to be displayed on one screen for good picture (It will be better to put 10 cameras on one screen than to put 16 cameras for example on one screen) also you cannot put one operator in front of more than 4 or 5 monitors as well you cannot put an operator in a monitoring room more than 2 hours continuously

Flair Systems

You may buy a system consists of 200 cameras but if you didn't use good monitoring system including displays and monitoring plan of the guards you may actually gain a result equal to 40 cameras only.

Good displaying system equals good performance and great result for the video surveillance system.


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