Saturday, January 8, 2011

What if you opened your eyes and don't find your CPU?

What if you opened your eyes and someone says: sorry sir, you can work only with your keyboard and monitor?

You will guess that it is a horrible nightmare return with you to the past with no PCs only mainframes and terminals.

But really it is not the past, it is the future when we are talking about the new protocol coming from cloud computing world, PC-over-IP protocol.

Flair Systems

PC-over-IP or PCoIP is a protocol for delivering a full desktop over a standard IP networks. It is  technology allows enterprise PCs and workstations to be centrally managed in a data center while providing high resolution, full frame rate 3D graphics and HD media, with full USB peripheral interoperability, locally over a LAN or remotely over a high-latency WAN.

PCoIP is an innovative display protocol technology that enables the practical consolidation of all IT resources into a data center, eliminates the need for desktop workstations, PCs and thin clients, and delivers an uncompromised user experience to each desk, anywhere, without incurring the security risks associated with transmitting

PCoIP technology resolves the challenges of provisioning, managing, maintaining and securing enterprise desktops, offering a true, uncompromised computing experience for the end-user, while supporting the efficiency and security of centralized computing. TCO is significantly reduced

You may ask why I may use it ?

Well, for all it's really needed feature:

  • Breakthrough innovation in display compression and propagation over LAN and WAN networks
  • Fully transparent hardware bridging for peripherals and audio
  • End-to-end security via wire-speed encryption on all data traffic sent between the centralized host and the user's desktop
  • Seamless integration into existing IT environments with no drivers required and no impact on the host operating system
  • Unlimited desktop performance scalability as PC-over-IP technology is independent of host CPU or graphics processing
  • Complete operating system and application independence

You can say good bye for all CPU troubles and limitations.

To see that it is a real not a matter of fantasy, watch that:

Virtualized PCoIP USB Technology Demo:

If you are interested in playing games which have  disastrous mount of graphic data , suffering from hardware limitations always ,you can trust that PCoIP  an intelligent solution.

Samsung PCoIP Smart Monitor for Remote 3D:

Eng. Ahmed Emad
Senior Software Engineer
Flair Software House