Sunday, January 23, 2011

Go Smart, Have a smart Home! (1)

Go Smart, Have a smart Home! (2)

Monitor your home from anywhere!

Safety, Security, Monitoring, and Control

We talked last time about the intrusion detection system and types of sensors and detectors. We talked also about the reactions of the system if an intrusion happened. And we will continue with a very important security system.

Many people may consider that Home Automation Systems is just for comfort and entertainment but I will talk with you about a very important application.

Video Surveillance Cameras

You may travel abroad a lot and you need to monitor your home indoor and outdoor. Or you may want to monitor outdoor and record the video if a motion detected by the camera. You may also need to monitor the nanny to be sure that she does her job. Or you need to monitor your children beside the swimming pool. You can also use camera on the door to monitor your visitors and anyone standing in front of your door on your TV.

The Smart Home Security System uses cameras for many applications according to home owner needs.

Flair Systems CCTV


There are two types of cameras:

  • Analog Cameras
  • IP Cameras

Both types can be used in any home for monitoring and recording. But if we install a complete Home Automation System with touch screens and control of Lighting, Ac, Curtains, and etc… so the IP camera will be better to be used in this case because it is easy to be integrated on the same touch screen of the Home Automation System. This will let you monitor your cameras from the same touch screen used to control the whole Home Automation System.

We can program the system to record at certain times or to record if there is a motion in front of the camera. Recorded videos will be deleted and overwrite if the hard disk is full.

Flair Systems CCTV Solutions

You can monitor from anywhere in the world through the internet from your laptop or from your mobile phone.


There are many specifications for cameras:

  • Ø Outdoor Cameras and Indoor Cameras.
  • Ø Box Camera or Doom Camera.
  • Ø Color or black and white.
  • Ø It may contain IR for Night Vision.
  • Ø It may be fixed or Pan/Tilt that moves horizontally and vertically to monitor all around area.
  • Ø Lenses of the cameras also differ. There is the fixed focal lens and the varifocal lens or a wide angel lens.
  • Ø There is also the Megapixel camera which will give you a better resolution.
  • Ø There are hidden cameras in a shape of water sprinkler, wall clock, wall picture, photo frame or home appliance.

Flair Systems CCTV Flair Systems CCTV Flair Systems CCTV


We can choose the type of the camera according to Home owner needs, the areas that wanted to be monitored and the budget we have.

Flair Systems  CCTV

You can monitor the cameras on the touch screen of the home automation system, on TV, on your Computer, on your Laptop from anywhere, on special monitors in a monitoring room or on your Mobile.

Finally, I want to mention that video surveillance system inside homes is different from it in factories, companies and streets. It must be installed to protect your privacy and meet your needs.

Next time I will tell you about other security systems such as fire alarm, Gas leakage alarm and Water Leakage alarm.


Shaimaa Raafat
Smart Home Department


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