Saturday, January 15, 2011

Go Smart, Have a smart Home! (1)

Go Smart, Have a smart Home! (3)


Intrusion Detection and Anti-Theft System.


Safety, Security, Monitoring, and Control

We talked before about the definition of Home Automation and the Description of the best Home Automation System. And we will continue with the most important application in the Smart Home System.

Many people may consider that Home Automation Systems is just for comfort and entertainment but I will talk with you about a very important application.

The Home intrusion detection System

We all know that intrusion and theft crimes increased lately. And thieves now use many ways to intrude homes and there is nothing can prevent them even iron doors because they can open any kind of locks if they had enough time.

The Smart Home Security System doesn’t give any time to thieves to intrude the home and gives alarm before the thief breaks in.


The system consists of all kinds of sensors we may need to protect our homes from theft:

  • Ø Motion Detectors
  • Ø Door and window sensors
  • Ø Glass Break Detector
  • Ø Vibration Sensor
  • Ø Laser Beam Sensors


When a thief tries to intrude a home he will be detected by any kind of previous sensors and the system will react by one or all following actions that can be programmed:

  • The Siren will create a very loud alarming sound that can be heard almost in the neighborhood or in all the building, any thief will escape once hearing this sound, we had some cases like this from our clients.
  • Send SMS messages to certain numbers which are programmed on the system to tell that there is intrusion to the home.
  • Make phone calls to programmed numbers to tell a saved message that there is someone trying to intrude the home.
  • Make a series of lighting programmed actions. For example when motion detected outdoor all outdoor lights will be on immediately so the intruder will be shocked and run away and all neighbors or home owners will be announced.

All these action can be done if any intrusion detected so it will be impossible for the thief to carry on.


Note: that motion sensors have immunity to pets and air so the system knows the difference between pet motion and human motion and gives alarm only with human motion. It will never give alarm if a cat or dog passes through its range of detecting.




Systems can be armed according to time settings or you can arm the system before you go to sleep and disarm it in the morning. You can arm it before you travel away and disarm it after your return. Intrusion Detection System will never let you down.

Next time I will talk with you about Cameras and how you can monitor your home from anywhere and know what is happening in your child room and if the nanny is doing her job well with your child and you can monitor your child on the pool for his safety. I will tell you about types of cameras and the ability to record and monitor from anywhere in the world.


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