Monday, October 4, 2010

Of course we all faced the problem of the down time of electricity in Egypt and of course our electrical appliances suffered too,a
nd we heard about saving energy and searching about new energy sources because as our population in Egypt increases we really need to search about another sources of energy.

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And as I am a member of Flair Systems Home automation team I thought a lot that home automation systems can really be a part of the solution of this problem.

Home automation systems are saving energy systems because you can control lighting and electrical appliance in many ways and from anywhere to decrease energy consumption.

And let me start with a very simple and easy to install and use system, a very simple system to control our outdoor lighting.

You may live in a building of 5 or 6 floors and you are living in the 5th floor and may be no one is living in the 1st or 2nd floor and everyday you have to go down to turn on the outdoor lighting of the building and lighting in the garden around your building or your garage lighting. And then, you have to turn it off again early in the morning.

Due to some reasons you may not be able to wake up early after sunrise to turn off outdoor lighting so the light may stay ON for 4 or 5 hours and may be more till you go down and turn it off while you don’t need it.

May be you aren’t able to go down to turn ON the light after sunset and if visitor came or if your son or daughter came from the club, friend or from work or anywhere they will find the building dark. Or you may turn on the light very early before sunset after you come from work because you don’t want to go downstairs again to turn it on.

Imagine if every home, every building, every villa and every compound do that, there will be a lot of wasted energy and this will increase the problem beside the frequent increase in population.

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Our system use sensors to sense the sun light and automatically turn on outdoor lighting after sunset and turn it off again after sunrise. It will decrease the consumption of electricity and of course save energy.

Another system for floor lighting instead of turning on a lamp in each floor or instead of using a timer which turns on all lights in all floors with press and turn it off automatically after a time.

The motion sensing night light system use sensors to turn on the light of each floor at night automatically as it sense a motion in this floor and only one floor will be lighted at a time because after you reached the next floor the sensor in it will sense your motion and turn on the light in this floor while the previous floor lighting will turned off automatically after 60 seconds or any programmed period of time.

stairs-led Motion sensing night light

Motion-Sensor can be mounted outside or inside. Perfect for lighting stairs, hallways or to act as a night light for children.


  • Automatic turn off.
  • In some types, Glows automatically in the dark.
  • In some types, There is LED Wireless Step Light.
  • Motion sensor Activates light.
  • Weatherproof for indoor/outdoor use.
  • Some types has Bright white LEDs.
  • Light turns off 60 seconds or any programmed period of time after last detected movement.

Two simple systems of many other Home automation systems will make a big difference if used widely. And the price is very cheap, everyone can have it in his home.

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Eng.Shaimaa Raafat
Automation Department Team.


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