Monday, March 29, 2010

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

What the Internet users as percentage of population for Arab countries and Egypt?  ummmmm 
its not a quiz it just a new Flair team project and we need to study some criteria and numbers for it sure we will not publish it now :) but but we will share some information we found when preparing for it.

First of all as we are developers and IT marketing decision makers we need to see well the changes on internet marketing for the last 4 years in Egypt and other countries , also study the important facts when we prepare for any project ….  lets us see this comparison for African counters first:

EG - 78,866,635 population - Country Area: 1,001,450 sq km
12,568,900 Internet users as of Jun/09, 15.9% of the population, per ITU.

Internet Usage and Population Growth:




% Pen.

Usage Source




0.7 %





7.0 %





12.9 %





15.9 %


its very good news for me to move form 0.7% @2000 to 15.9% @2009 but let us see other African countries:
1- CAPE VERDE (I swear that i hear its name for the first time ) 102,800 Internet users as of Jun/09, 23.9% of the population, per ITU.
2- MAURITIUS ( no i know it :)  ) 380,000 Internet users as of Jun/09, 29.6% of the population, per ITU.
MOROCCO ( thx God its not Algeria   ) 10,300,000 Internet users as of Jun/09, 32.9% of the population, per ITU.
3- Angola :: yes its Angola  14.8 %
so i need to say that its very good to move forward from 450,000 to 12,568,900 but always we need to study why we achieve these numbers not more its not a frustration point but actually why ??? ok let us move to the another countries and another comparison 

Egypt vs Albania : Albania was 15.1 @ 2006 Egypt 15.9 @ 2008


Egypt vs Brazil : Brazil  was 32.5 @ 2007 Egypt 15.9 @ 2008


Egypt vs Islamic World :) : United Arab Emirates (86.1) , Saudi Arabia (29.2) , Iran (32.0)  @ 2008 Egypt 15.9 @ 2008


Egypt vs World :::: World was 21.3% @ 2007

I'll not move to another point sure before we see the most important comparison at least for me
Egypt vs Israel : Israel was 27.9% @ 2007 Egypt 15.9 @ 2008


uhhh I’m now ask my self is it important for us to study the internet users numbers or also we need to study for what the 15.9% use the internet (internet usage in Egypt ) I’ll make a separated post to discuss out internet usages but for now i need also to share that Egyptian Internet users is the third world user’s searching for “sex” on the internet…… :(   note i just use this word as example to show our interest and our search needs and internet usages…


I know that the post information is not well organized but we need on flair community and face fan page to open the discussion about these information and why we put our country on this position , is it a infrastructure needs or just behavior , i think if we need to move forward first we need to study these numbers we need to define our infrastructure need our usages define our targets on line and the tools to achieve these targets. 

thanks i want to share this post with you and I hope from all of you to share your opinions and comments with me its will be very important to my study and projects

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